Community Fellows And Projects - 2016-2017

Emily Folenta

Lehigh Valley Hospital Department of Community Health
Emily is a Community Fellow with the Department of Community Health at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN). She is doing research and collecting data on homelessness and housing insecurity in the Lehigh Valley to help LVHN determine how it might address these issues to facilitate a healthier community. Her work includes interviewing LVHN community health and social workers to better understand the difficulties of providing proper resources to patients who are homeless or housing insecure, and she will be visiting local homeless shelters and soup kitchens as part of her research, as well. Emily will use that information to assist in developing policy and/or program recommendations for LVHN to better address these issues. Emily is a Masters Candidate in Environmental Policy Design.

Kali Collymore

City of Bethlehem Department of Community and Economic Development
Kali is a Community Fellow with the City of Bethlehem’s Department of Community and Economic Development, working on Blight Elimination initiatives and raising the standard for quality housing in the City of Bethlehem. She is collecting and analyzing data pertaining to resident demographics and housing stock in order to better determine appropriate steps for improving housing in the City. She is using ArcGIS and PolicyMap as tools for mapping data to provide visuals to accompany numerical data. Using this information, she will conduct research on other communities who have successfully implemented similar programs, in order to make comprehensive policy recommendations for the City of Bethlehem. Kali is a MA Candidate in Political Science.

Sara Keeler

Community Action Development Corporation-Allentown
Sara is a Community Fellow for the Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown on their Jordan Heights Revitalization project, and for the Upside Allentown Arts & Culture Committee. She has been collecting and analyzing data related to many aspects of the Jordan Heights community, from physical conditions, to public services, and key stakeholder perspectives about the neighborhood. She is using Success Measures Datasystem to organize the data, and SPSS to run qualitative analysis on the findings. In her Upside Allentown work Sara is also utilizing the Foundation Center Database to research grant opportunities for arts organizations in Allentown. Sara is an MA candidate in Sociology.

Matthew Lubitz

City of Allentown Planning and Zoning Bureau
Matt is a Community Fellow in the Bureau of Planning and Zoning for the City of Allentown. He works on a variety of projects, including grant writing and plan review. Matt’s main focus thus far has been creating a manual and collecting information for the annual Capital Improvements Plan. Throughout the spring and summer, Matt will assist city staff to implement a bike share program in Allentown as well as use ArcGIS to create and edit maps for various projects.

Sandra Ngeseyan

Lehigh Valley Social Impact Center
Sandra is a Community Fellow with the Lehigh Valley Social Impact Center (LVSIC). She supports strategy development and planning to devise new ways of improving collective impact among collaborating nonprofits, government and private sector organizations in the Lehigh Valley. Her work includes conducting research on existing organizations and associations, social impact metrics, and new forms of capital formation like crowdfunding and venture philanthropy. Sandra also helps write, edit and develop grant budgets and proposals for LVSIC programming to raise awareness about social entrepreneurship in the Lehigh Valley. Sandra is an MA Candidate in Political Science