Community Fellows And Projects - 2013-2014

Michael Dziuba

Housing & Community Development Planner, Department of Community & Economic Development
Michael is a Community Fellow with the City of Bethlehem’s Department of Community and Economic Development. His main focus is working to help fill vacant spaces in Bethlehem, both residential and commercial. By analyzing public records, mapping various indicators of distress, and attending monthly Blight Steering Committee meetings, Michael has used his skills to help Bethlehem be tactical in its approach to housing remediation. Michael has contributed to economic development as well, assessing storefronts throughout the central business district and aiding in efforts to recruit new businesses. Michael works to understand the complicated issues regarding Bethlehem’s real estate stock and translate them in meaningful ways so that those with the funds, authority, and capability can make the best decisions for Bethlehem’s future.

Reilly Galvin

Epidemiology Manager, Department of Community Health, St. Luke's University Hospital
As a Community Fellow with the St. Luke’s University Health Network Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Reilly assists with the Affordable Care Act-mandated Community Health Needs Assessments, helping to build the foundation of the report by gathering and organizing secondary data. Reilly has also created integrated medicine resource maps for the St. Luke’s Cancer Center, aided in conducting elder health focus groups, and has been revising reports, and working on database research for an upcoming dental planning and development grant. Reilly is an M.A. candidate in Political Science.

Kavei Murangi

Community Action Development Corporation - Bethlehem
As a Community Fellow with the Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem, Kavei is conducting qualitative research on resident-identified housing assets and challenges in south Bethlehem. She is interviewing key stakeholders, organizing and facilitating neighborhood meetings, and conducting resident surveys at community events. Kavei’s final research report will synthesize both quantitative and qualitative data to provide an accurate picture of housing challenges and assets in south Bethlehem, and she will put together program and policy recommendations for policy and advocacy strategies at the non-profit and municipal level. She is also responsible for analyzing and making recommendations to the Lehigh Valley Community Land Trust for more efficient property acquisition strategies. Kavei is an MA candidate in Political Science.

Sveitavit Sokolaw

Department of Community and Economic Development, County of Northampton, Pennsylvania
As a Community Fellow with Northampton County’s Department of Community and Economic Development, Svietavit is developing a blight initiative to combat a range of county-wide issues. This project will likely include targeted code enforcement, coupled with a variety of multi-faceted solutions in an effort to improve Northampton County. Additionally, the initiative is meant to engender commercial and industrial investment in the Lehigh Valley. Svietavit is also working toward securing federal grants for regional investments, including transportation initiatives, and cultural development. Svietavit is an M.A. candidate in Political Science.

Joseph Starace

Prevention Program Manager, Center for Humanistic Change
Joseph is a Community Fellow with the Center for Humanistic Change, a non-profit organization where he is a Prevention Program Manager. While he will serve in all facets of this non-profit’s operations, his focus is prevention awareness. He is both a presenter and speaker, bringing his professional and personal message to organizations such as schools, media outlets, medical facilities and business throughout the Lehigh Valley. Over the course of the year he will be involved with grant writing, creating video documentaries, making public presentations, and policy development. Joseph is an M.A. Candidate in Political Science.

Amy Hitch

Community School Coordinator, Broughal Middle School, Lehigh University- Center for Developing Urban Educational Leaders
Amy is a Community Fellow at Broughal Middle School, a Community School located in the heart of south Bethlehem which has recently converted a four season room on the rooftop to a functioning greenhouse. Amy is currently assisting in the pilot year implementation of the Broughal Farm to School Program, aimed at improving quality of life for both current and future Broughal students and their families, enhancing local agricultural sustainability, and demonstrating the feasibility and potential of urban agriculture. Over the course of the year she will assist with the logistical setup, curriculum mapping, community engagement, and sustainability of the Farm to School Program. Amy is a M.A. candidate in Environmental Policy.