Fellows Profiles 2018-2019

Community Fellows And Projects - 2018-2019

Katelyn (Katie) Barr

Center for Community Engagement, Lehigh University
Katie is a Community Fellow at Lehigh University's Center for Community Engagement, whose mission is to nurture university-community partnerships and serve as a central hub to promote and support engaged scholarship, intellectual vibrancy, and active citizenship. In her fellowship, she is serving as managing editor in the creation of an open-access, online journal for community engagement which will honor the voices of both academics and community-based practitioners. She is also assisting in tracking, reporting, and interpreting faculty involvement and engagement statistics in preparation for a university-wide self-study and application for the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement. Overall, she looks for innovative ways to foster strong partnerships and promote community-engaged work among faculty, staff, and students on campus.

Vincent Behe

Lower Macungie Township, Department of Planning and Community Development
Vincent is a Community Fellow with Lower Macungie Township’s Department of Planning and Community Development. He has been having face-to-face meetings with business leaders for industrial, manufacturing, and service-based companies to gather quantitative and qualitative data about their operations. He is working to combine this information with township vacancy data to illuminate business trends and investigate the viability of expanding public transit networks to better serve employees of these companies and the public at large, while at the same time reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT). The data may also be leveraged to identify severely at-risk areas for current and new development as optimal targets for conservation. His work is part of a broader township-wide and regional effort to better understand and market the economic strengths of the Lehigh Valley while promoting smart and sustainable low-impact growth.

Jackie Cook

City of Bethlehem, Department of Community and Economic Development
Jackie is a Community Fellow with the City of Bethlehem’s Department of Community and Economic Development. Her main focus has been Northside 2027, a neighborhood revitalization plan for a designated Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance area (LERTA) on Bethlehem’s north side. Jackie has helped to organize public meetings to gauge neighborhood concerns, and has assisted with the creation and facilitation of working groups on neighborhood issues of mobility, housing, and commercial corridors. Jackie also created and distributed a written survey to assess community needs on the greater north side. The final Northside 2027 plan will be completed in the summer of 2019. The other focus of Jackie’s work this year has been assisting the Bethlehem Environmental Advisory Council. She serves on a subcommittee for waste reduction that has created a recommendation for the implementation of a city-wide plastic bag ban, and will develop plans to engage community members in energy efficiency activities and education.

Lauren Fosbenner

Nurture Nature Center
As a Community Fellow at the Nurture Nature Center, Lauren assists with the development of the “6 Degrees of Connection” program for middle school students, which is funded through a grant from NASA and aims to inspire an interest in STEM careers and topics. She is creating a Science on a Sphere® show highlighting the personal journeys of various STEM professionals and assisting in the dissemination of the 6 Degrees program, including writing a professional journal article about the program.

Karina Fuentes

Bethlehem Area School District, Office of Minority Services and Student Affairs
As a Community Fellow with the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) Office of Minority Services and Student Affairs, Karina is conducting qualitative research on the impact of Community Schools (CS) in the district, and ways in which they may better collaborate on meeting educational standards, and develop events and after school programs. She meets individually with CS coordinators, and with the Director of Minority Services and Student Affairs she established monthly meetings with the coordinators to discuss opportunities for collaboration, share concerns, and focus on ways they may highlight diversity, equity and inclusion in school events. Karina also keeps district administrators and the United Way’s Director of the Community School Network abreast of Bethlehem’s Community Schools work. Karina’s final report will use quantitative and qualitative data to assess the impact of these Community Schools on BASD families and students. Karina is an MA candidate in Political Science.

Marek Tomanek

City of Easton, Department of Economic Development
As a Community Fellow with the City of Easton’s Community and Economic Development Department, Marek assists with a variety of projects, ranging from commercial property analysis to serving on developer proposal committees, which consider potential development in the City. Through data analysis and facilitating discussion among different city departments, Marek helps the city to seek alignment between specific development proposals and the administration’s revitalization goals. In addition, one of Marek’s first tasks was the creation of the ZoomProspector commercial property database, a public site that may attract potential businesses and entrepreneurs to the city with easily accessible information about available commercial properties, including pertinent real estate information and links to city government offices.

Chris Woods

St. Luke's University Health Network, Department of Community Health
Chris is a Community Fellow with St. Luke’s University Health Network. He works in the Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine, doing research about the social determinants of health affecting communities throughout the Lehigh Valley. Chris helped author five sections of St. Luke’s 2016-2019 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), covering topics ranging from housing and blight, to food access, air and water quality. In addition to research and writing for the CHNA, Chris is assisting in the implementation of St. Luke’s pilot summer feeding program. He has coordinated the application process with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and will oversee the initial phases of the project.

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